I continue to be surprised about this rule for @WUR PhD dissertations. What is a “political statement”? In my view this conflicts with the essence of most research in the social sciences and humanities, the value of which lies exactly in its normative nature..

#PhDPosition: Governing professional practice and culture in delivering ambitious net-zero carbon goals at Anglia Ruskin University (@AngliaRuskin)

Note: PhD Studentship is open to only UK student applicants

Deadline: 31 July 2021


The Amazon just reached a terrifying tipping point. This must be a wake-up call. https://fb.avaaz.org/campaign/en/the_plan_for_glasgow_81/?wiIXvjb

If you enjoy green spaces, you are cordially invited to participate in an online survey on Dublin's Urban Green Spaces. The survey is available here: https://forms.gle/8xzx9gzMgUivtdfeA

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