About Me

Three key dimensions of my career – research, education and activism – all oscillate around a key focal point, that is understanding and addressing key intersecting development, social and environmental issues in contemporary society.

As a critical human geographer and sociologist, my interests span a range of societal phenomena. However, as time has progressed I have become increasingly passionate about the theory, practice and politics of sustainable development and have tailored my learning, research and action in line with this.

Through my experience to date, I have developed an interdisciplinary perspective on concepts and methods for critically conceptualising and studying social and environmental change across multiple places, spaces and time periods. 

My specific interests lie in exploring, analysing and deconstructing the social, environmental, political, cultural and experiential dimensions of development as they play out in diverse development contexts.  In addition to my work as an academic researcher, I have experience lecturing and teaching at all levels (undergraduate, postgraduate, research supervision) on themes and subjects relating to society-environment-development relations.

Further to my academic research and teaching, I am actively committed to working with communities on matters of social and environmental change.

Here my work as an activist-researcher is centered on interrogating the value and application of critical social theory and methods for informing progressive social and environmental change in society. I am also a trained yoga teacher and am passionate about health, well-being and living through ethical and environmentally conscious means. Other general interests, include, amongst other things, music, playing guitar, singing, travel, socialising and finding ways to get out there and enjoy all the beauty and fun life has to offer!

This website will include information, posts and reflections on these three intersecting dimensions of my career  (research, education and activism) as well as my musings on a range of other topics of societal and political relevance.