As I discussed in a previous post, as a participant in the SHAPE ENERGY Research Design Challenge I have been collaborating with Dr. Anne Schiffer to explore the lived experience of energy systems change.

As part of the SHAPE ENERGY research design challenge, 31 selected researchers based in 14 different European countries have been working together in teams to approach three scientific energy problems, namely control, change, and capacity-building in energy systems, from the point of view of their disciplines.

Working within the context of the theme of change, Anne and I have worked together to explore the potential of ethnographic, cross-cultural energy research for shedding light on complex experiences and processes of change. Our research has been published, along with 12 other innovative research designs in a new report and sent to the European Commission, Strategy Unit for Energy Research & Innovation. The full report, published with an executive summary and an introduction written by coordinating partners at Karlsruher Institut Fuer Technologie (KIT), can be downloaded here.