As part of our ongoing COVID project, we have a new Research Practice internship opportunity available for one or two WUR MSc (SSG) students.

Duration: 6 months

Languages: English

Start Date: May/June 2022

Are you interested in developing a career in research and would like to conduct a Research Practice internship at ENP? Are you interested in the sociology of consumption and understanding the longitudinal impacts of the pandemic on daily social practices (such as those relating to food consumption, mobility, working practices, and wellbeing)?

The Environmental Policy group has vacancies for one to two students to join a project investigating the longitudinal impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on daily domestic consumption practices. This longitudinal analysis forms part of a larger ongoing project that has been led by ENP since 2020 (see for more information) that has been investigating the impact of the pandemic disruption on the daily lives and practices of citizens in different cities around the world. A key focus of the project is understanding how disruptions in daily practices can present opportunities for transitioning to more sustainable consumption.

The student(s) will have the opportunity to join the ENP research team in conducting a second wave of data collection to assess how initial changes caused by the pandemic are impacting daily life over the longer term. The student(s) will have a chance to participate in project meetings, conduct fieldwork in Ireland and/or the Netherlands, and engage in data management and analysis and the development of project ideas and insights. If you are interested, please submit your CV and 1-2 page motivation letter to Mary Greene outlining why you are interested in the position, your motivation and how you meet the requirements listed below by Thursday May 9th @ 14.00. The position will commence end May/June 2022 depending on availability of the candidate(s).


  • Interest in the sociology of consumption (for example, food consumption, daily mobility, sustainable lifestyles)
  • Knowledge of sociological concepts, particular social practice theories
  • Knowledge of and interest in qualitative methodologies, including interviews and data analysis
  • Good organizational and administrative skills
  • Interested in a research career
  • You meet the program requirements for a Research Practice internship at ENP
  • ENP Supervision team: dr. Mary Greene and dr. Sigrid Wertheim Heck
  • More information? Contact Mary Greene (