Delighted to have the opportunity to join Andy Georghiu of Food and Water Europe and David McMullin of Not Here Not Anywhere to discuss the social and political contexts of energy transitions  in Galway this evening. Details of the event are outlined below:

“We now know that fossil gas is just as lethal for our world as oil or coal. But governments across Europe want more investment in fossil gas projects such as the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, the MidCat pipeline in Spain and France, and Ireland’s Shannon LNG. Why is fossil gas still being termed a cleaner ‘transition fuel’? And how do we respond?

We will hear from speakers Andy Georghiu (Food and Water Europe), Dr Mary Greene (NUI Galway, Transition Galway) and David McMullin (Not Here Not Anywhere) who will discuss the social and political dimensions of energy transitions.

The event is  hosted by the Galway Green’s candidate for Galway West South Mayo, Pauline O’Reilly (

Leading environmental campaigner Andy Gheorghiu is currently visiting Ireland to talk about how we can transition without this dangerous ‘transition fuel’, adapt to change and develop resilience, locally and globally. Andy has been leading the campaign against the proposed building of Shannon LNG, a processing plant for imported fracked gas in the Shannon Estuary.

Andy brings the latest science, thought leadership and strategies for action. This is what changes means in 2018.

Andy will be joined by Dr Mary Greene, Lecturer in Human Geography in NUI Galway and founding member of Transition Galway. Dr Greene’s research focuses on the societal dimensions of climate change, climate justice, environmental policy and environmental citizenship and pathways to sustainable futures. Transition Galway is a community group working to build a more sustainable Galway, focusing on themes of Education, Gardening, and Communications around climate change.”

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