COVID 19 & Everyday Life Research  – recruiting participants

COVID 19 & Everyday Life Research – recruiting participants


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Are you interested in taking part in an international study exploring the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on everyday life practices among citizens across different countries of the world? An international research team, including researchers from NUI Galway and Wageningen University (The Netherlands) are looking for males and female participants working to explore the impact of the pandemic on everyday life practices at home, including those of food, mobility, family dynamics and others.


Participation in the study involves an initial online interview of approximately 1 to maximum 1.5 hour in length, with the option to partake in a follow up interview later in the summer.  There is also the option to take part in a photo participation task, where you take photos of things in your daily life that have taken on new significance in the context of the pandemic. Detailed guidelines on this will be provided on this during the first interview.


In taking part, you will be part of a study that will help to shed light on the impact of the pandemic on people’s everyday lives and domestic consumption as well as how governments can best respond in the post-COVID recovery. The broader study involves citizens across Ireland, the UK, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, Italy, Frances, China, the USA and Vietnam. You do not need to prepare anything for this research or have any special knowledge. If you live in Ireland and follow some sort of domestic routine at home, you are an expert.


If you are interested in participating, please fill out this short online survey and a member of the research team will contact you to discuss your participation.


For more information, please contact Mary Greene ( and Mike Hynes (


Kind Regards,

Mary Greene (Project Coordinator)

Assistant Professor in the Sociology of Consumption
Environmental Policy Group
Wageningen University
The Netherlands
Phone: +353 (0) 85 7318953